She Moves Forward

She steps out of the door and moves

forward. Before her are her dreams,

the things she wants and needs, the

hopes and likes and loves of her life

that are yet to come. They have plagued her,

these dreams, haunted her waking hours

for so many years that she has come to

resent their pressure, the weight of them

on her daily life.

Today she is weightless.

Today is the leaving day, the day

when she goes out into the world, to make

of it what she can. She hopes to find joy

out there

joy in being, a feeling that she has yet to touch

her. She does not know if what she is will be

enough for the world, and she knows that

the world may be too much for her, but

she will try.

She will try.

Behind her, they smile and wave and wish

her well, and then they close the door and

let her go

and tears


What She Left

When he picked up the scarf he realised

that she had left it behind deliberately. The

house keys were on the table, next to the scarf,

and the money that they’d argued about. She

had taken everything else, all her other

belongings, the clothes and shoes and jewellery

and music, the personal things, things

that he would not use himself. She had taken

her perfume, too, though the scent of her

lingered, on the scarf,

which she had left


The only other thing that she

had left behind

was him.

Don’t Speak To Me

Oh, just don’t.

Don’t speak to me.

If there is no good in

Your mouth, keep it

Shut. I don’t need to hear

All the things I’ve done

Wrong, and you don’t

Need to say them. There is

No benefit to you, certainly

None to me. I know how

Bad I am. But I wonder

Sometimes, if you could

Listen to yourself when

You’re like this, what would

You hear? Your righteous

Anger? My sullen, silent

Guilt? Or would you hear

All the bad things in our

Life coming out of your mouth?

Out of your mouth.