A Sea Of Dreams

A storm is coming. The

rain is starting. The drizzle 

trickles down the window pane, and the

clouded light dims the room. In the gloom,

all alone, I can see clearly, hear plainly,

the rain falling, calling, a pitter-patter

chit-chat that picks at my mind 

all the time, whispering, ‘listen, listen

listen to me’. I can see sheets of

spit unfurling from the sky, sailing down

and down the fathoms of air

from the mothership clouds

above. A remembered dream

comes to me and I recall with

unease the ease of the fall from

the mast of a sailing ship 

down down down

into the unending sea,

deepening and

unbreathing me,

awakening me as a child to the

failing family, the unfathering,

lost and drifting and abandoned, to

the worries of a world that I still

do not understand

as a man.

I am breathless once more at the 

memory restored. 

And the rain falls faster

and the world turns colder

and life grows harder

and harder to know.

A Dreamcatcher

I have a dreamcatcher.
It hangs from my desk lamp;
Bright orange,
Trailing feathers,
A web.
A web of dreams.
A web made of many strands
Radiating outwards.
I am at the centre.
All my dreams
Begin and end
With me.
In my dreams
All things are possible.
Each strand leads to me,
Each strand runs from me,
Each strand is a thought.
That intersects
With other strands,
Other thoughts.
Just as my life
Touches other lives,
And other lives touch mine.
The geometry,
The perfect shaping, spacing,
The pattern,
Draw together and multiply
The integrity, the strength,
The meaning,
The few or many
Degrees of separation
Between each strand
Each thought
Each known thing
In my mind.
Whenever I’m stuck
I sit and stare at it
Hoping for a catch
And sooner or later
Something sticks.
The dreamcatcher is a gift
To me,
Inspired by a great King,
And I love them both.
[I thank you, Stephen Edwin.]

Brief Shining Moments

When you’re young
Nothing is impossible
Anything can happen
And you believe
Everything will happen
It just will
It’s expected
You expect it
You expect your dreams
To just happen
And for a few brief
Shining moments
They will
They really will
You’re young
You’re good looking
The world is golden
Life is just clay
In your hands
You can make
Whatever you want of it
It’s just there
Right there
At the end of your
And you reach for it
And you touch it
You touch
And then the shine fades
Your dreams begin to die
And only now
So many years later
Can you see
That the dreams
Those beautiful
Were just false expectations
And that reality
Should have been
The true