The Silent Treatment

I can do the silent treatment.
I can do not talking.
I could not talk you to death.
I could keep them shut.
Cold shouldered,
Hard hearted,
Stone faced,
In petty set.
That’s us.
Not kissing,
Not making up,
Not giving in,
Not yet.
No, none of that.
It’s just not us.
It’s not how we are.
We’re hard.
We’re difficult.
We’re unconjoined
Not free.
I can do silent.
I can do it better than you.
It’s where I live.
But it’s not you.
You’re not like me.
You need to talk
To anyone
About anything
Anything but us.
The things we don’t say
The things left unsaid
They are better left
I prefer the silence
It’s more honest
It speaks volumes
About us.