Apple iPhone SE 32 GB Smartphone – Space Grey (Renewed)

I bought this as a present to myself on a major birthday a year or so back. Everyone else seemed to be buying Samsungs and what have you, but I’d had an old iPhone 4 up to then and it suited me so I got this. The SE suits me, too. It’s only got 16Gb of storage but I signed up for the 50Gb iCloud drive service at £0.79 a month and that sorted out my needs on that front (and backups, too). The integration between the phone and iCloud and the Macbook just makes my life so easy. If something comes to me while I’m out and about, I just jot it down in Evernote on the phone and it’s ready and waiting on the laptop when I get home.

In a remarkable and welcome break with past Apple practices, the SE was on the verge of being good value when I bought it. It does almost everything the higher spec models do (apart from touch sensitivity and a retina display), but I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having these. The camera is still not as good as other makes these days, though. Low light conditions are still a bridge too far for the SE. But, it does everything I need from a phone, it fits perfectly into my hand, and I am more than happy with it.

The link above is to a refurbished model as I hate paying full price for things, especially premium priced products like Apple’s. I’ve never had any problem with buying refurbished items.