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For My Followers And Friends

“It began with a drink. He died because of a drink

He was almost sure of that. But the others, the other dead people, he didn’t know how they came to be there. Not all of them, anyway.

He wasn’t even sure where there was.

And the ones that didn’t want to be dead, and the ones that wanted to be dead forever, and the ones that looked after the dead, the ones that greeted them and mothered them, he wasn’t sure about them at all.

He was sure about some things, though.

He was sure that two people had died because of him.

And he was sure he couldn’t live without them.”

That is the Prologue from my book A Midwinter Night Scream. If you’ve been enjoying the posts on the rickyakay blog, I’m pretty certain that you’ll enjoy the book. One kind Amazon reader has already given it a 5 star review, as has an equally kind Goodreads reviewer. Have a look and let me know what you think. You can find it on Amazon, ASIN: B07VGMKHTL, or click here.


We live beneath an aircraft flight path

Planes fly over, east to west,

From somewhere over there

To some elsewhere

Manchester, maybe, or Leeds

Perhaps further,

Newcastle or Glasgow

Or some other country altogether.

I have seen them cut the clouds

Like sleek white knives

Detaching drifts of puff

Pulling them apart

A swirling disturbance

Curling in their wake

As a punt passing over a lake

Leaves eddies where it was.

Looking up today

At blinding bright blue heaven

I saw a hurry of swifts chasing tails

Higher and higher

In the eye wide sky

Under crisscross con trails

That themselves soon became

Long lonely clouds.

The flight paths above us

Like all paths everywhere

Start and end

Lead to somewhere

From elsewhere

For no reason

But the journey itself

And we follow our own paths

For the same purpose.

Just Breathe

Breathe in  
and hold
and feel that breath
and keep it long
and then 
breathe out


breathe in
and hold
and taste the air
the breath you catch
and then
let it go


breathe in
and hold
and count that breath
that makes three
and then
count it out


breathe in
the fourth breath
you will breathe
nine hundred more
this hour
breathe out


breathe in
and now you see
the multiples
how many times
you will ever breathe
breathe out


breathe in
how many left
in this life
is this the last
it takes your breath away
breathe out

just breathe