The Majesty Of The Moors

The majesty of the Moors
Unmade by man
Spreads out beyond sight,
Great green backs bent
Beneath the horizon,
Like beasts of burden
Carrying the clouds
That boil in the blue sea of sky.
Herds of wild hills
Gather around me.
They transport me
To a wonder-filled place
Where simply breathing
Fills me with ecstasy.
Gullies and streams
Fall away on all sides.
Rocks and boulders
Travel with me on the path
To the summit,
The high ridge,
Top of the world.
Kestrels hover, raptor ‘copters
Eyes fixed on the prize
For their fledglings
Of survival by vole.
The lark above
Ascending on a rising scale
Of beautiful birdsong sung
Only for me.
The good ache in my legs
From the climbing and clambering
Over this so-sacred soil.
Golden bracken
Strewn around me
Like palm leaves
For a better man.
Drizzle-mist falling on my face
Like a kiss from the sky.
The world loves me today,
And I love it back.

A Woodland Walk

Uncivil wars unending.
I need some peace.
Evacuate the building,
Start marching,
Escape the urban battleground,
Find the nearest green zone.
Open fields discover me.
Grassland, some wild,
Some like a mown carpet.
Blue sky, high clouds,
Distant hills.
Kestrel at a hover,
Grace with wings,
Sun burnishing its back.
Golden warmth on my face.
And then the sound of trees,
A shushing hushed whisper,
A million leaves in motion.
A sussuration,
Fills my ears.
At the margins, a pause.
Then slowly, through
The tall portal alders
And into the woods.
Fulgent sun dapples the canopy.
Rays leak through leaves,
Dripped gold
On the woodland floor.
Branches like open arms
Waving a welcome.
Trees in formation,
A hula troupe
Swaying in unison,
Distant traffic sounds
Murdered by the peace.
I see drilled woodpecker holes,
Nests unoccupied
Except for one
Squatted by blue tits.
I see cat walks and rat runs,
Hear birds I can’t name or place.
I smell fecund life
And pungent death all around me.
I see no other human being.
Here in the centre of the woods,
Just a few hundred yards
From other home fronts,
I find my peace on earth.