The name Bolsonaro, revile it, despise it.

We must find some way to curtail and chastise him.

He must be a bought man, there’s no other reason,

So follow the money, and charge him with treason.

For killing the planet, for frying its lungs

The man must be taking the biggest of bungs.

He’s claiming a freedom, but freedom from what?

Freedom to take from all those who have not.

The Amazon creatures, the amazing tribes,

Whose homes he is burning for some fat, dirty bribes.

When his reign is over one thing is for sure,

He’ll have a new home on the Cote D’Azur.

And back in his homeland, amidst all the ashes

The people should find out just where all his cash is.

They should bring it all back, and bring him along, too,

And then build him a home where the wild birds once flew.

They should settle him down in a place he likes well

So he can watch his own country, as it turns to hell.

Leaders By Definition

The various electorates voted for these people. Maybe they didn’t understand what they were voting for. In an effort to stop it ever happening again, here are some helpful definitions from www.

Johnson. Noun: a penis. Q. E. D.

Trump. Verb – intransitive: to flatulate; “break wind“. We hold this truth to be self-evident.

Putin. I searched for Putin too, but found nothing. The nearest I could find is poontang, which is a noun for female genitalia. So that’s not right. Or is it?

Xi. Similarly, nothing came up for Xi in However, has this useful insight about Xi: “One of many two and sometimes 3 letter words played at least 5 times a game in Words With Friends by some bastard with the effect of totally bollocksing up the placement of future tiles and sending your opponent into a dick punching rage.” See Trump above.

Bolsonaro. Again, no slang equivalents. However, Google translate says that this name means ‘blessed’ in Portuguese. Given what this bastard has done to the rainforest, to the indigenous tribes and to the general population of that beautiful country, I think this is clearly an error. The antonym has been returned instead of the synonym. The antonym of blessed is cursed. Yes, cursed.

So the next time you have a chance to vote, use it wisely, people. You might not get what you hope for. But, if you don’t try to stop them, you might just get what you deserve.