“It began with a drink. He died because of a drink

He was almost sure of that. But the others, the other dead people, he didn’t know how they came to be there. Not all of them, anyway.

He wasn’t even sure where there was.

And the ones that didn’t want to be dead, and the ones that wanted to be dead forever, and the ones that looked after the dead, the ones that greeted them and mothered them, he wasn’t sure about them at all.

He was sure about some things, though.

He was sure that two people had died because of him.

And he was sure he couldn’t live without them.”

That is the Prologue from my book A Midwinter Night Scream. If you’ve been enjoying the posts on the rickyakay blog, I’m pretty certain that you’ll enjoy the book. One kind Amazon reader has already given it a 5 star review, as has an equally kind Goodreads reviewer. Have a look and let me know what you think. You can find it on Amazon, ASIN: B07VGMKHTL, or click here.

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