I am not working  
In many ways
I have given up paid employment
Working for someone else 
Seemed to me a bad idea
And even without a wage 
It still does
I know I did the right thing
For me
Work now means
Whatever I want it to
What it means now
Is writing 
And writing
Can be hard work
Can consume me
Can frustrate me
I love it
I wish I could do more of it
But that would leave others
And I can’t do that
So I write the wrong way
In bits
In fits and starts
When the window of 
Precious me-time
Infrequently opens
And too frequently closes
It breaks my heart 
And slows my flow
To a crawl
To scrawl
But that is how it is
How it has to be
At least for now
At least for me

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