Before now
before the internet
before mobiles
before computers
before television
before books
what was life like?
imagine none of these things
imagine all of them gone
not available
not existent
what would we do?
a moment came
when i had nothing to do
and nothing that i wanted to do
and i stood in the garden
and tried to think about nothing
it was intolerable
i couldn’t bear it
my mind would not let go of everything
there was always something there
in a corner of my thoughts
letting me know
who i was
where i was
though not why i was
and then for one brief instant
it was gone
i was separated from everything
i was free of any feeling
any need
any thought
and then the moment passed
and i connected once more
with the world
and looked around
in that moment i think i saw
what made mankind
leave the plains of africa
it was because
there was nothing else to do

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