This is a milestone.
These words,
This work,
This is a milestone.
One hundred posts!
I only started a few weeks ago.
I must be having fun
Or something like it.
And straight away I get that feeling,
The one that brings me back down
To sullen earth.
The feeling that makes me think,
“So what?”
“Is that all?”
Deflating and depressing,
The down side of up.
I’ve been here before:
The birth of my boy;
My wedding ceremony;
Getting my degree;
Times like that
And lesser times too.
At these times I was
Right up there,
Mad with glee,
Circling the world,
And then it was gone,
That pure moment,
It was past,
And the world had turned
And I had to move on.
And so I sit here now and see
That’s all I’ve written
One hundred posts!
In all that time.

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