The kitty cat
So sweet you could eat it
A furred and purring creature
Aloof and regal,
Lithe and loved,
Lionised like family.
This family Felidae
This Felis catus
It’s got us
Under a spell.
It hides behind
That feline smile.
That branded “M”
On its head
Disguises it,
Confuses us
Into thinking
It’s just a pet.
It’s not.
It is a killing thing,
A killer that we keep,
Its teeth so very sharp,
Just like its claws,
Both often red,
Dipped in the blood
Of feathered things
Whose flesh they often shred.
Imagine that,
The bird it kills,
Its shock at being snatched
While eating seeds
Or sipping from
A bird bath in the garden.
Think how it feels
As claws catch flesh
And pull it down to bite
And ends its life
In feathered bursts
Of pain and fear
And cries.
How easily it kills,
This friendly pet,
Just look it in the eye
And think again
My silly friend
What it thinks of you or I.

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