We must take
What we can
From this life.
There will be
No other.
This life
Is often hard,
Difficult and dark,
With disappointing days,
Times when the future
Seems too long,
A heavy weight,
A burden too big to bear.
Days when nothing
And no-one
Can help you.
Days when you’re angry,
When you’re rude,
When you’re bad
To everyone,
These days are hard.
But you must endure.
You must get through them.
They all come to an end,
These days.
And in the morning,
In the bright, sunlit morning
Of the day after
These days
You can look at yourself,
See what you are
What you have done
What you can be.
And then you can look around,
Look at this world,
All its wonder and glory,
See how good it is,
And then you can celebrate
This life.


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