In my head
Is where I live
An open minded place
Where every little
Thought of mine
Just tends to fascinate.
How big is now?
What’s after death?
And can I bake a cake?
It makes me laugh
To see the way
That others need another
I need myself
That’s all I need
I need no other mother
We’re all we have
The single I
To start, and at the end
There’s none before
And after, less
So get you while you can
Stay in your head
Investigate it
And in there you will find
The truth of life
Your holy place
Your open golden mind
I stay in there
Perhaps too much
I’m often called aloof
But I don’t care
I really don’t
And here’s the simple truth
I’m safe in there
No one to hurt
And no one there hurts me
Apart from me
There’s always that
And that will always be.

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