About These Posts

It’s probably worth pointing out that these posts aren’t monetized in any way. There are no Word Ads, Amazon Affiliate stuff, Adsense, Google Ads, whatever else people do to generate money from a blog. It isn’t about money. None of this site is, although there are links on this site to my books, which do cost money, albeit only a little. I’m doing this because I like doing it. And because, at long last, I can.

The posts are a mixture of poems, prose, haikus – all kinds of formats. Read them at random, as that’s how I write them. If you like them, have a look at the tasters on the home page. If you like them, you should probably head over to the books page. They are quite different, from the posts and from each other. I think I’m finding my feet.

Let me know what you think.


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