My name is Ricky. I like to write. These are some of my stories. You can find these and more in the collected works on the Books page.

If you want to browse more of the tasters (and a few full stories for free), look here.

The posts include prose and poetry and haikus and whatever else I feel like doing. After years of doing what other people told me to do, this is so liberating. I love it.

I’m currently working on a couple of things:

The Flame

John (Mac) MacIntosh returns to his home city and bumps into Penny Harding, his long lost true love. She is married now. Mario, her husband, takes exception to Mac’s existence. Lying dazed and bleeding on the pavement after meeting Mario, Mac wonders what kind of man she has married. Finding the answer will cost Mac more than he ever realised was possible.

The Short Cut

Emily Finningley is late for a toga party in Buxton. Rushing through the Derbyshire countryside, she crashes her car. She seeks refuge at nearby Topridge Farm. The farm has been run by the Unstone family since the last century. Now there is only Tom. And Tom has secrets.